Friday Night, First “First To Find”

Parking area near Tiny Toys – Nachos (GC2V83N)

Geocachers know how good it feels to find a geocache, sign the log and leave the cache as unknown to the larger muggle world as they found it. There may be endorphins involved. Adrenalin definitely seems to play a role.

For me, bagging my first First To Find (FTF)  (being the first to log a geocache after it’s been placed by the cache owner) last night for Tiny Toys – Nachos (GC2CV83N) felt a tiny bit like I imagine an adrenalin shot to the heart might feel.  You know,  like that scene from Pulp Fiction.

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My First Attempted “First To Find (FTF)”

I tried to get my first FTF this morning.  I tried REALLY hard.   I didn’t do it, but making the attempt was still quite a rush.   I attempted Maggie’s Cache (GC2Q4R6)  which is right across the parking lot and down in the underbrush from Whole Foods in Fair Lakes.

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