Wings Over Ad Gefrin

Ad Gefrin, the ancient Anglian palace site rediscovered via aerial photography, is the third stop on our Wooler area geocaching day trip.  While there we watch a glider’s quiet turns through the wind as it heads home.

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Weetwood Bridge

Weetwood Bridge

Weetwood Bridge

Weetwood Bridge is an historic Northumberland landmark, a Grade I listed building, an important span over the River Till serving the village of Chatton, and on the day we were there, an interesting place to observe seagulls. Continue reading

A Circular Walk Around Cheese Gate Nab

a nab we saw while on our way back from Broadstone Reservoir

We enjoy some panoramic views of West Yorkshire’s Holme Valley by taking a circular walk around Cheese Gate Nab.  Along the way we find some geocaches and take a wrong turn which brings unexpected gifts.
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Three Edges in South Yorkshire

view from the northern edge near the point

a view east from the northern edge of Broadstone Reservoir, 10 June

On yet another sunny day during our UK vacation we find some geocaches during our stroll along the three edges of Broadstone Reservoir. We also meet “3 Edges,” the geocache owner who placed most of them, and her dogs Millie and Becks.

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A Double in Derbyshire

The River Derwent at Chatsworth House

the River Derwent at Chatsworth House, 9 June 2013

Two geocache finds make a nice addition to our sunny day’s outing in Derbyshire as we sample offerings at Chatsworth House’s food and drink fair and accidentally visit the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate. Continue reading

“Daddy, Why Is the Sun Shining in Manchester?”

We overheard this perfectly reasonable question as our flight landed in the UK on June 7th, the first of many unusually dry geocaching days for us in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Northumberland in England and Berwickshire in Scotland.

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Pond Eddy Historic Bridge

The view north from the PA side

The view north from the PA side

We walk south from the Delaware River’s New York shore on the  historic Pond Eddy Bridge to Shohola Township, Pennsylvania.   This 113 year-old span, the only way to reach this part of PA by car and one of the last of its kind along the Delaware, may not be around much longer. Continue reading

An Accidental Pilgrimage to Dog Mountain

Stephen Huneck's Dog Mountain

Stephen Huneck’s Dog Mountain

We’d just left an amazing view of an amazing landscape on an amazingly beautiful Vermont day in June.  Wait, dagdvm said as I drove us east on Route 2 towards our next geocache.  I just saw a sign for Dog Mountain.  It’s supposed to be a very special place.  We should go have a look. Continue reading

A Geocacher’s View of Camel’s Hump Mountain

Under the trees at “36 Views of Camels Hump XVIII”

A geocache placed to bring searchers to a distant view of a famous Vermont landmark  gives us some beautiful moments on our way east through New England. Continue reading

Landlubbers Paddle the Potomac, Part 2

On the southern shore of Heater’s Island

With every paddle stroke in the downstream flow of the upper Potomac we move our canoe past our inexperience on the water and towards our geocaching adventure.  We land on Heater’s Island.  We step up into a young forest, walk deer trail and no trail, sometimes the two of us, sometimes five, sometimes more.

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Landlubbers Paddle the Potomac, Part 1

On the southern shore of Heater’s Island

Come along as two dry-land enthusiasts who’ve never rowed or paddled anywhere in anything choose an outing together on the upper Potomac River for their joint maiden voyage.  Watch as we drift downstream to Heater’s Island, Maryland in pursuit of fun and adventure.

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The Lure of Harpers Ferry

The Harpers Ferry Bandstand, ready for the 4th of July

The land we call Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is a focal point of nature, gathering force and resources at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.   Harpers Ferry is also one of the most significant of all our special places, important as both inspiration for and site of  some of the most pivotal movements and moments in our nation’s history.

That’s not why apc9296 and I went to Harpers Ferry on the eve of our nation’s birthday celebration.  As Virginia geocachers we were looking forward to finding our first West Virginia geocaches;   Harpers Ferry extended itself into our part of Virginia and beckoned us to come on across, so we did.  Once there we each found more geocaches than either of us had ever found in a day and in doing so we discovered many historic and beautiful places in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

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