My First Attempted “First To Find (FTF)”

I tried to get my first FTF this morning.  I tried REALLY hard.   I didn’t do it, but making the attempt was still quite a rush.   I attempted Maggie’s Cache (GC2Q4R6)  which is right across the parking lot and down in the underbrush from Whole Foods in Fair Lakes.

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A First Cache to Remember



(WARNING: spoilers below.)

Finding GC2NKKD  (My First Cache) was a blast.  The GPS coordinates looked to be right-on — the imagery on my iPhone Geocaching app didn’t have the cache out in the middle of the parking lot — so I figured it had to be on or around a certain power pole or the signposts near the power pole.

I arrived at GZ around 8:15 a.m.   It took me a few minutes to figure out the hide.  What a beautifully done cache, and it’s even more impressive because it was this geocacher’s first placed cache.

As I was driving away it occurred to me that the whole outer construct was the cache.  The CO probably had to show up at GZ in the middle of the night to do this hide.   It really does look like it belongs there until afterward when you realize that nah, that thing doesn’t do anything but hide the cache.

The whole thing is in fact a cache-in-plain-sight.

We’re just so used to seeing all manner of tubing strapped to telephone and power poles.  We have no idea what any of it does, and so all that stuff looks perfectly natural, especially when it’s next to other tubing that actually appears to serve a function.  Ingenious.

That’s the beauty of that cache on one level, using our natural perceptions of things we don’t really understand too deeply to fool us.

On another level the construction and concept of the actual hide within the cache-in-plain-sight is so very well done.

Thanks, DangerPayne, for a fanatastic first cache.