From Farm to Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle, Embleton Bay, Northumberland

Dunstanburgh Castle, Embleton Bay, Northumberland

We visit family on their farm and walk the shore of Embleton Bay towards Dunstanburgh Castle on a beautiful Northumberland day during our UK June 2013 vacation.

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Three Edges in South Yorkshire

view from the northern edge near the point

a view east from the northern edge of Broadstone Reservoir, 10 June

On yet another sunny day during our UK vacation we find some geocaches during our stroll along the three edges of Broadstone Reservoir. We also meet “3 Edges,” the geocache owner who placed most of them, and her dogs Millie and Becks.

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A Double in Derbyshire

The River Derwent at Chatsworth House

the River Derwent at Chatsworth House, 9 June 2013

Two geocache finds make a nice addition to our sunny day’s outing in Derbyshire as we sample offerings at Chatsworth House’s food and drink fair and accidentally visit the National Trust’s Longshaw Estate. Continue reading

“Daddy, Why Is the Sun Shining in Manchester?”

We overheard this perfectly reasonable question as our flight landed in the UK on June 7th, the first of many unusually dry geocaching days for us in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Northumberland in England and Berwickshire in Scotland.

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