Pond Eddy Historic Bridge

The view north from the PA side

The view north from the PA side

We walk south from the Delaware River’s New York shore on the  historic Pond Eddy Bridge to Shohola Township, Pennsylvania.   This 113 year-old span, the only way to reach this part of PA by car and one of the last of its kind along the Delaware, may not be around much longer.

also known as the "All Veterans Memorial Bridge"

also known as the “All Veterans Memorial Bridge”

Shohola Township residents rely on the bridge as their only way to drive to and from home.  The Pond Eddy Bridge was built in 1903 using petit-truss construction, a design that’s not been used in the U.S. since the 1930s.   Despite efforts by historic preservationists and others to save the gradually weakening bridge it is scheduled to be dismantled and replaced with a new bridge in 2016.

The only way to drive to Shohola Township, PA

The only way to drive to Shohola Township, PA

dagdvm and I twice had the bouncy experience of standing on this beautiful bridge while heavy pickups (one towing a trailer full of landscaping equipment) crossed the 7-ton capacity, one-lane span.   On the PA side we found the Pond Eddy Historic Bridge (GC17JMK)* geocache.  We found a geocache in every coastal state from Maryland to Maine, and a couple in Quebec, during our Northeast geocaching road trip last June.

looking northeast towards the NY shore

looking northeast: << NY and PA >>

The Delaware River from the center of the bridge is a wondrous sight.

looking southwest from the bridge

the southwest mid-span view

If conditions are right and you look down from the center of the southwest side of the bridge, you may see trout sheltering on the lee side of the large rocks that were easily visible to us through the clear water.  Thanks to stellarscapes for placing a geocache on the PA side and encouraging us to see this piece of history before it disappears.

*28 June 2013 — this geocache has been archived and is no longer available.  Hopefully the cache owner will reactivate the cache or someone else will place a cache at this historic location.

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