A Geocacher’s View of Camel’s Hump Mountain

Under the trees at “36 Views of Camels Hump XVIII”

A geocache placed to bring searchers to a distant view of a famous Vermont landmark  gives us some beautiful moments on our way east through New England.

dagdvm, Tilly the wiener dog and I found ourselves traveling east across Vermont on Route 2 during our early June geocaching trip through the northeastern states and Quebec.  We drove north of Route 2 to find 36 Views of Camels Hump XVIII (GC21AVC) because the cache description promised scenic Vermont views as reward for finding the geocache.  dagdvm found the hide under cool green tree shade (above).   Then we stepped out into the sunshine, turned to look back the way we had come and received our real gift.

Looking northwest

Looking northwest

Our final approach to ground zero was uphill to the southeast.  Looking back down the road to the northwest showed us some of this wonderful vista…

…and here’s my 180°-plus panorama video (roughly northeast to  south-southwest) of the entire scenic view.  Our day was sunny and breezy with clear skies and miles-long sight lines under the clouds.  Cache owner photino described this view:

This is the most distant view of Camels Hump that I have discovered, but I would welcome information about more distant views…from this vantage point and above, you will see a magnificent panorama of the Green Mountains, including Camels Hump, of course, from a high meadow of the type that we once had in abundance in Vermont.

Meadow with Camel’s Hump Mountain in the far distance

As photino pointed out, this really is a distant view of of Camel’s Hump Mountain.  Looking towards the mountain from this  geocache is a means to a scenic end.

Camel’s Hump Mountain as seen from “36 Views”

Here’s a closer view from about the same point.

dagdvm and Tilly return to the cachemobile

Many thanks to photino for using Camel’s Hump as a focus and placing this cache to draw others to this beautiful spot.  We really enjoyed our time there and look forward to exploring other Vermont views next time we’re up that way.

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