My Time With December 7th…

December 7th Travel Bug

…a travel bug I acquired from 12E Daily, a local commuter lot cache, on March 11th.  My goal was to move December 7th a good ways south since the TB owner wants it to travel as much as possible and I head south quite often on the weekends. I took a few shots of this TB in situ during our time together.

I found a home for December 7th on the 26th — Bird Sanctuary, in Orange County, 42.74 miles south of 12E Daily.  It’s a small cache, big enough for a few trackables and some toys.  I liked the cache a lot and made it one of my favorites.

Bird Sanctuary is on one of those beautiful winding meandering backroads, situated on private property with the side windows of the home overlooking the cache.  It’s one of those “let’s watch ’em drive up and see if they can find it” caches that folks seem to like to put on their home or business property.

In this case the cache itself is not so difficult to find, but there is one wrinkle:  according to the logs there’s a rather agressive dog that comes across the road from time to time to make life VERY interesting for arriving geocachers.  That didn’t happen to me, thank goodness.

That’s all I’ll say about Bird Sanctuary in case you’re nearby someday and go to find it.  It’s very cool.  Not so much the hide, which is also nice, but the container.  VERY cool. 🙂

I just learned today that I could have been dipping December 7th into every cache I found in the interim.  I’ll remember to do that with the next TB.

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