Two For A Dozen

Leaving koz’s reinkarnated klifton kache, GCZW0WY…

On Sunday, April 17th, a clear, sunny day after a long period of soaking rains, apc9296 and I went geocaching  in Clifton and Burke Lake Park.  We found twelve geocaches altogether, a single-day record for both of us; dropped off seven toys in seven different caches; and found some scenic places we might not have seen otherwise.

Near Nanonite (GC2GEHD) in Clifton

A beautiful day is even more beautiful when it arrives after a stretch of bad weather. April 17th still carried  evidence of previous days’ heavy rain — those big puddles don’t dry up overnight — but there was no keeping it down.  April 17th swept the sky clean, replaced storm clouds with crystal blue, called us out to play.

on the way to Timber (GC2H7V2) in Clifton

We found all four geocaches in historic Clifton and took in its timeless landmarks along the way.  Clifton Baptist Church added gospel bluegrass to its Sunday celebrations by hosting the All4Hym Band.

High above Clifton, we discovered the Webb Sanctuary

Our quest for koz’s reincarnated klifton cache (GCZW0WY) led us up to the  Webb Nature Sanctuary, a 20 acre preserve open to the public from dawn to dusk.  Neither of us had known of its existence before.  Cherry and dogwood blossoms and birdsong on the wing provided the color and soundtrack for our search.   We were excited to find such a picturesque place on such a fine morning.

A well-placed geocache can be a gateway to discovery.

Between Gabrielle’s Gold (GCKKEX) and Mind Your Own Business (GCE56E)

apc9296 and I found eight more geocaches during our lap of Burke Lake.  It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than getting out into newly-freshened air and sunshine and having a bit of fun with a good friend.  April 17th’s Burke Lake Park was alive with the joy of nature-seekers released from what seemed like an eternity of soggy head-down time.   It was a blast contributing to that collective spirit.

Near Spike’s New Digs (GCE571) at Burke Lake

Geocaching is many different things to its millions of participants. For us, on April 17th, seeking the caches was great; spending that glorious restorative day in leisurely movement and conversation between the caches was just as nice.

On the way to Peep Hole (GCE3E2) at Burke Lake’s dam

We enjoyed Clifton’s Nanonite (GC2GDHD), Burke Lake Park’s Burke Lake Park (GC175) and every geocache we searched for, found and not found,  in between.   Thanks to all the cache owners for putting their Clifton and Burke Lake Park hides out there — your efforts helped create a very special day for two geocachers out of millions.

thanks also to apc9296’s GPSr…

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