The Return of Bear’s Lodge

Walney Pond at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

Walney Pond at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

Last  Sunday afternoon in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park I found a geocache I’d first gone looking for in March, Bear’s Lodge (GC18HZ8).

This is the first time I’ve watched the park move from winter into spring.  Walney Pond is transformed from frozen gray into an explosion of life, including  lily pads, yellow irises, mallards, Canada geese, red-winged blackbirds and all of us humans who flock to be in the presence of all this beauty.  Walney Pond is a worthy destination and the perfect point of departure for the trails that lead up and away into the woods beyond.

Two months ago I’d gone up these trails looking for Bear’s Lodge.  As usual I enjoyed the journey.  Ground zero for Bear’s Lodge is on a particularly interesting section of trail, but I’d been unable to find the cache.  Reading the logs later I learned the cache had gone missing, so when cache owner Laurelana restored Bear’s Lodge with a new container and contents at the end of April I knew I’d be back to search again.

On the way up to Bear’s Lodge for the second time I had a pleasant encounter with geocacher dagdvm as she walked the trails with human and canine friends, including Tilly the weiner dog.   We met because she asked if I was a geocacher as we negotiated a three human-two canine bridge crossing.  The GPSr hanging around my neck was the giveaway. 🙂

We talked a bit about the resurrection of Bear’s Lodge and she wished me luck in my search.  On my way back from the cache I ran into her again and confirmed I’d found the cache.  Later that afternoon Bear’s Lodge became one of dagdvm’s finds for the day as well.

I really enjoyed finding Bear’s Lodge the second time around.  My search for this hide created a nice break in my busy Sunday, leading me up and into green serenity along the trails of Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.

Returning from Bear’s Lodge (GC18HZ8)

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