Up, Up and Away at the Skyline Flyers Radio Control Club

Sunny Saturday at Skyline Flyers Radio Control Club

Gordon’s Hobby Lobby Telemaster 40 just after landing

Last weekend I went searching for a pair of geocaches near Culpeper, Virginia, Little Up-Up and Away #s 1 and 2 (GC1 V34N and GC1V35T) located at the Skyline Flyers Radio Control Club (SFRC).  I was hoping to grab myself a couple of moments of fun between one weekend chore and the next.  I received a lot more goodness than I’d hoped for.

The SFRC was founded in 1987 in order “…to develop and maintain a positive atmosphere in which both newcomers and old-timers alike can enjoy the hobby of building and flying radio control aircraft. The Club also provides a setting in which the values of friendship, assistance and just having a good time are of prime importance.”  Visitors are always welcome (take care between September 15th and January 15th; contact the club for more info).  The property owner also understands geocaching and a nice intersection between two very rewarding recreational pastimes was born when the Up-Up and Away caches were placed in 2009.

SFRC member Gordon with his vintage RC glider

Luckily for me SFRC member Gordon was at the field flying his Hobby Lobby Telemaster 40 trainer when I went to find Little Up-Up and Away #2.

Telemaster 40 in Island Airlines trim

Gordon’s Telemaster is a beautiful kit plane with an electric motor.  He painted it in the colors of Island Airlines, once the local airline for Ohio’s Put-In-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands.

Gordon’s RC glider on the rise under power

Later Gordon put his RC glider into the air, circling it ever higher on its electric motor until it was able to rise without power on the thermal over the plowed field next to the runway.  Gordon’s glider shared lift with turkey vultures who were also orbiting upward in this warm column of air. The wind was so still we could hear air whistling over the glider’s wings from 300 feet below.

I spent a relaxing hour of an incredible spring morning talking with Gordon and watching his planes floating over green grass and plowed field.   I really enjoyed taking time for some “simple pleasures in a complex world.”

Skyline Flyers Radio Control Club welcomes you

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